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Making Coloured Pages

The first task for chapter 2 of my C&G module is to create a whole pile of coloured paper to use for the design tasks in subsequent chapters. The first step was to choose a colour scheme based on two complimentary colours. One of my favourite NASA images is of baby stars. This is a typical false colour image produced from x-ray telescopes.

NASA photo of newly formed stars

2.1.1 Newly formed stars (photo courtesy of NASA)

In these type of pictures newly formed stars are typically shown in bright cerise and remnants of super-novae are shown with a yellow-green.  So my colour scheme is a range of red-violets and a range of yellow-greens.

I have used this image as wall paper for about 10 years but have lost the correct attribution.  I would love to give the correct reference so if some reader can recognise this image in the NASA archives and let me know I will be very grateful.

Anyway, I have used inks and sponging to colour a range of A4 sheets of cartridge paper, tissue paper and portions of newsprint.  Producing these sheets was a lot of fun and very liberating. I have not “mucked around” with paint for decades. Sponging colour onto paper is a very tactile experience, almost as good as I remember finger painting in my kindergarten days.

One hurdle was actually getting the inks. My local art supply shop had tiny bottles of very expensive inks, and the bulk buy chain store did not have anything suitable. I asked my tutor Sian who recommended a UK brand and luckily I found an importer in Wellington. I am happy to recommend the Creative Craft Supplies folk, not only did they accept my order out of normal office hours, it was delivered very promptly.

My cerise coloured papers

2.1.2 Cerise papers

I also like the Brusho brand inks, a tiny amount of the powder goes a long way and it is easy to achieve tints as well as stronger hues. The colours blend nicely as well. Brusho inks clean off with water, well they clean off everything easily except skin! I had to really scrub my hands very hard to avoid going to work with dark green fingers! (I used plastic gloves for sponging the cerise papers)

My yellow-green coloured papers

2.1.3 Yellow-green papers

So here are my tinted papers, both the greens and the cerises… (all pages are A4 size)

The next task was to create a rubber stamp and use it to decorate some papers. I decided to use three points of the regular 9-pointed star for my stamp. However the making also caused a problem as none of our art supply or stationery shops stock any rubbers large enough to carve a shape into.  In the end I cut out a couple of pieces of very compressed foam rubber and glued them together.

My stamped coloured papers

2.1.4 Stamped papers

Here are my stamped pages, using cerise acrylic paint on both cerise and green papers. I produced patterns using both regular and random stampings, as well as seeing the type of shapes obtained by combining the stamped images.

I found that all-over repeats worked the best with this shape, especially when the shape was reversed in alternative rows, see the close up of the stamped tissue paper. Alternating reversed shapes also made a nice border, as can be seen on the light-green A4 paper.

A close up of one of the stamped papers

2.1.5 Close up of stamped paper

Grouping the stamped shapes in circles or squares did not achieve any nice patterns, I much prefer the random stamping on the lower portion of the green tissue paper.